New Hoof Concentrate 1 gal

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New-Hoof Concentrate is a carefully formulated foot bath additive that helps maintain normal hooves, when used in combination with proper nutrition and good herd management practices. New-Hoof Concentrate contains ionized copper along with surfactants.


Use New-Hoof Concentrate in foot bath as part of your routine program. Prepare the foot bath using one quart of New-Hoof Concentrate per 50 gallons of water (1:200 dilution). Change the foot bath every other day or every 500 head. It is recommended to use New-Hoof in rotation with other foot bath additives. For larger operations, prepare a mixture using 1 part New-Hoof Concentrate and 2 parts water. Clean the hooves well and spray New-Hoof thoroughly. Continue to spray after every milking, as needed.


Ionized Copper (CU), min ............ 0.67%

Non-Ionized Surfactants, min.... 7.00%

Inert Ingredients...........................92.33%

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