Turcumin Soft Chew

SKU 99-085

Turcumin soft chews are primarily recommended to support healthy joints, joint flexibility, and mobility, as well as to maintain healthy bones, connective tissue, and synovial fluid. It is actively made of Boswellia serrata, Coconut Oil, Curcuminoid, and Zinc.

Dogs are very prone to develop joint problems as they age. Unfortunately, this can often result in arthritis. Arthritis is also known as degenerative joint disease. It’s a condition of chronic inflammation in the joints that ultimately results in the loss of cartilage in the joints. In such a case Boswellia serrata has high potency for treating inflammation. It has been beneficial for slowing the progression of arthritis and other chronic inflammatory diseases. Whereas coconut oil is a source of fatty acids and helps to support cognitive function. 


  • Supports healthy joint mobility, flexibility, and strong connective tissue
  • Recommended for active lifestyle support
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Consists of 30 soft chews

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