Tomcat Glue Trap 4Pk


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Tomcat Glue Traps and Glue Boards capture rats and mice without poison. The powerful adhesive holds rodents securely, once they step onto the glue. Adhesive traps are ready to use and easy to dispose of. Place every 8 to 12 feet for mice and 15 to 30 feet for rats along rodent runways, between their feeding and nesting areas. Tomcat’s traps are pre-baited with attractant, so baiting is neither necessary nor recommended. 1) Captures Mice, Roaches, & Insects 2) Versatile - Use as a Flat or Covered Trap 3) Pesticide Free 4) Non-poisonous, Disposable Glue Trap 5) Powerful Adhesive Covered with Special Release Paper 6) Ready-to-Use

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