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Revitilyte Gelling is an oral electrolyte supplement with a thickening agent. It is used for calves during scours diarrhea, ration change, weaning, weather changes, diseases, and any other condition of stress to assist in efficient recovery. When mixed with water, this Revitilyte Gelling provides a concentrated nutritional supplement for calves containing dextrose in a readily available form with a thickening agent to slow fluid loss.

This gelling helps to treat and prevent dehydration during times of stress. It is an electrolyte supplement that slows down fluid loss and assists in more efficient recovery. This unique electrolyte product contains the amino acid Glycine, which helps in nutrient absorption. When given as directed, it replaces fluids and electrolytes, correct acidosis, and provides energy.


  • Recommended for piglets, poultry, cattle, lambs, sheep, kids, goats, companion animals, foals, and horses
  • Contains amino acid glycine, which aids in nutrient absorption
  • Replaces lost fluids and electrolytes
  • Corrects acidosis along with a source of energy

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