Revitilyte Gel


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What is this product used for: Revitilyte Gel is for use before and after competition or strenuous exercise, to maintain normal electrolyte balance. Can also be used in stressful situations such as illness, shipping, weaning, etc. It is a supplemental source of electrolytes, certain amino acids, vitamins and chelated minerals._ Benefits: Revitilyte Gel contains vital electrolytes, essential amino acids, select vitamins and chelated minerals that help horses maintain proper body fluid levels and in peak condition. It can also be used in stressful situations such as illness, shipping, weaning, etc. It especially contains sodium and glutamine, along with other select minerals and vitamins in a specific blend designed for maximum efficiency. It is apple flavored, a flavor horses love. How it works: Revitliyte Gel contains a number of ingredients that help maintain normal electrolyte balance. Revitilyte Gel contains sodium and potassium that helps maintain normal body fluids. Maintaining normal electrolyte balance during competition or stressful events is essential and electrolytes need to be replaced. Glutamine and glycine are amino acids that aid in supporting electrolyte balance. The vitamins B12, thiamine, pyridoxine and riboflavin in Revitilyte Gel help keep animals in peak condition. Vitamin E is an antioxidant. Antioxidants helps protect against free radical damage. The minerals zinc and magnesium are in a chelated form that allows for a more efficient absorption.

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