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Replamin Plus Gel - 80cc


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Replamin Plus Gel is a supplemental source of minerals and Vitamin E, which is used during periods of stress such as weaning, moving, and castration. This gel is a nutritional source of vitamins and amino acid chelated minerals for all classes of beef and dairy cattle, equine, and swine.

This Replamin Plus Gel is ideal to be used in times of stress, decreased feed intake, and vitamin or mineral deficiency. It consists of selenium yeast, cobalt, vitamin E and metal amino acid chelated complexed minerals in a single dose to help improve immune response. Besides all, it also contains Amaferm, a direct-fed microbial that helps to optimize digestion and absorption of vital nutrients.


  • Comes in a form of a tube
  • Helps to improve immune response
  • Replamin Gel contains guaranteed levels of amino acids plus 12 vitamins and minerals
  • Ideal for all classes of Beef, Dairy, Equine, and Swine

Questions & Answers

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  • Does the 80cc size replamin plus gel require the gun to administer or is the picture incorrect? I would think the 80cc would come in a self dosing tube?

    Only the 300cc requires an applicator. 

  • I am seeing several different sizes of Replamin Plus Gel on your site, and I am wondering if its truly accurate because the 300 cc tube looks much smaller than the 80cc tube and there are 2 different 300 tubes with different prices? Just some confusion on my part. Can you explain what the actual pricing is?

    The pictures may appear larger or smaller. But 300 CC tube is bigger than the 80 cc. The 2 different 300 cc tubes are all together different products so the difference in price.

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