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PSCPets IntelliLyte Electrolytes for Dogs, 100 gm bottle


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Dogs regulate their temperature with body fluids in a way that is different from how humans do (they can’t sweat profusely, and they utilize their tongues and feet to regulate their body heat). Fluid regulation plays an extremely important role with regard to heart rate and core body temperature. By maintaining proper heart and body temperature through the dog’s natural cooling mechanisms, they can fight fatigue and avoid heat exhaustion and stroke.

IntelliLyte has been developed by veterinarians to provide you with a way to keep your dog hydrated and avoid heat exhaustion during hot days and vigorous workouts & exercise. Using IntelliLyte can help:

· Battle Fatigue
· Prevent Dehydration
· Competition and Dog Training
· Proper balance of fluids
· Stabilize Energy Levels
· Improve Stamina

The IntelliLyte powder can be dissolved in water and given to your dog in order to replace and replenish any electrolytes they may have lost during periods of heat and activity. When given as directed, IntelliLyte can provide essential fluids, electrolytes, energy, select vitamins and vital amino acids that can re-hydrate, re-energize, and maximize performance.

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