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PSCPets Hip & Joint Plus with Probios, 60 count bottle


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PSCPets Hip and Joint plus Probios contains a powerful blend of ingredients that have been proven to help support healthy bones, joints, and the surrounding tissues. It contains glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, perna mussel, MSM, manganese, Vitamins C and E.. This formula also includes four species of naturally occurring live bacteria, for healthy digestive health!
Glucosamine is a natural supplement that may help treat arthritis and prevent cartilage degeneration. It is easily absorbed and may also stimulate the production of substances that help maintain the health and resiliency of joints and their connective tissues. Glucosamine is used in the body to create the cushion that surrounds joints, so taking glucosamine as a supplement might help supply the materials needed to rebuild it for treatment of osteoarthritis, a condition where the cushion that surrounds the joints becomes thinner and stiff. Oftentimes Chondroitin is given along with glucosamine because it may increase the efficacy of the glucosamine. Hip and Joint Plus also contains extract of Perna Mussel because it contains compounds, including additional glucosamine, that help maintain joint function and mobility. MSM helps to maintain thel fluid that lubricates joints and also supports healthy connective tissues such as ligaments, tendons, and muscle.
Hip and Joints Plus was formulated to support the whole dog, and contains several extra ingredients that are beneficial for total health. Vitamin C is important for the healing of wounds and is also an antioxidant used in many metabolic reactions. Vitamin E, also an important antioxidant, is involved in immune function. Manganese is a necessary factor of many enzymes that are necessary in detoxification of damaging free radicals.
This supplement also helps to improve overall health by promoting the breakdown and assimilation of nutrients in the gut. Hip and Joints Plus contains four species of naturally occurring, live bacteria: Enterococcus faecium and Lactobacillus acidophilus, plantarum, and casei.`

*Manufactured in the USA.

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