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PSCPets Ear Cleaner


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PSCPets Ear Cleaner is a non-irritating liquid cleanser that utilizes the benefits of glycerin and tea tree oil. Glycerin is non-drying, which is important because ear cleaners that dry out the ear can oftentimes make the problems worse by causing itchiness and more irritation. Glycerin has also been shown to help prevent problematic ear wax build up. Because of its softening, lubricating, and moisturizing properties it is frequently used to assist in the removal of stubborn ear wax.
Tea tree oil is considered a general disinfectant that effectively helps to fight bacterial and fungal diseases, as well as infections that can affect pets. It penetrates the skin penetration easily and has a very low potential of irritation. Tea tree oil is also helpful in cleaning ear infections because it dissolves pus and also cleanses the surface of wounds without damaging the skin while also encouraging healing by supporting the formation of new scar tissue.

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