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PSCPets Digestion Support Treats for Dogs - 2.2 lbs


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PSCPets Digestion Support Treats for Dogs are formulated with beneficial bacteria that work to help maintain your dog's bowel health by sustaining the microbial balance in their intestine. Not only are they made to support a healthy diet, but they are also lactose-free and taste great. The peanut butter flavor makes even the pickiest dogs beg for more and the crunchy texture is also good for their teeth and gums.
These treats contain Bacillus subtilis, which has been found to greatly help broad spectrum immune activity. Both of two species of beneficial bacteria used in this formula have been proven to withstand the process used to manufacture the treats.
PSCPets Digestion Support Treats for Dogs are a perfect treat for dogs of all ages and breeds. Probiotics have been shown to help raise animals' immune systems as there are studies that have shown improved response to various infections while probiotics are being used. Healthy intestinal bacteria also help to counteract stress-related intestinal disorders caused by situations such as training, transportation, and the loss of a companion.
For help in resolving chronic or acute digestion issues, it is recommended that these treats be used in conjunction with IntelliFlora.

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