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PSCPets Dental Cleanser Spray

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PSCPets Dental Cleanser Spray contains grape seed extract as the main active ingredient. Grape seed extract has many beneficial properties. It contains protein, carbohydrates, and also polyphenols, which come mainly in the form of flavonoids. The term âflavonoidâ is used to describe a class of plant chemicals known as very potent antioxidants, which are Substances that scavenge free radicals. Free radicals are compounds in the body that tamper with genetic material, alter cells, and even causing their death. Free radicals occur naturally in the body as waste products and many scientists believe that they contribute to the development of a number of health problems as well as the overall aging process. Antioxidants can neutralize free radicals and may help reduce some of the damage they cause. The antioxidant power of polyphenols has been measured in scientific studies, which has shown that it is up to 50 times greater than vitamin C and 20 times more than vitamin E. The polyphenols found in grape seed extract exhibit anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial activity, helping to keep your dog's or cat's teeth clean, as well as calming irritated gums. Zinc gluconate is included in the spray because it also helps to sooth and promotes healing of ulcerated mouth tissue. Peppermint has also been used for centuries in dental care. Its properties have been utilized to help prevent and treat gum disease while helping to prevent cavities by eliminating the bacteria that can cause inflammation. It also works to reduce plaque by preventing bacteria from adhering to the teeth. Peppermint's aromatic qualities also help to freshen your pet's breath naturally. For best results, it is recommended to use this spray along with Dental Cleanser Gel as a part of your pet's oral hygiene plan.

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