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PSCPets Daily Enzymes and Prebiotics - Soft Chews for Medium & Large Dogs - 240 gm


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PSCPets Daily Enzymes with Prebiotics contains Amylase, which is a digestive enzyme that changes complex sugars, also known as starches, into simple sugars during the digestive process. It is mostly found in saliva and pancreatic juice, where it is used to breakdown starches into smaller units and aids in the digestion of carbohydrates.Alpha-amylase helps to reduce the amount of dietary carbohydrates that are metabolized to fat, which may also aid in weight management.This product also contains lipase, an enzyme that is a catalyst for the formation of lipids. These enzymes play an essential role in the digestion, transportation, and processing of dietary lipids, such as oils and other fats. They are involved in many different biological processes, including inflammation and cell signaling.This concentrated supplement also includes prebiotics in the form of inulin, which is a non-digestible foos that moves through the digestive system and works to keep the beneficial bacteria in the intestines healthy while promoting their growth.PSCPets Daily Enzymes with Prebiotics also contains several ingredients to support overall health and wellness in your pet, such as calcium carbonate. Calcium is necessary for healthy muscles and bones. It also helps to ensure the proper function of nerves. Pets of all ages benefit from obtaining the proper amounts of calcium. Puppies and kittens use this mineral as their bones develop, and it is beneficial for adult animals as a preventative measure against the bone loss that occurs naturally with age. As animals get older, bone breakdown can exceed formation and result in bone loss if their diet is low in calcium. There needs to be enough calcium available in the blood to be returned to the bones in order to maintain their strength.Ginger, who has been used to treat digestive issues for centuries, is also included in this formula. Ginger has anti-spasm properties, which can assist in calming upset stomachs and may also provide relief for gas, bloating, and diarrhea. This root promotes mucus secretion, which helps to protect against ulcers. It also contains enzymes that are responsible for catalyzing the proteins in food. Ginger has been shown to exhibit anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.The daily use of prebiotics and probiotics can help to effectively restore the balance of healthy bacteria in your pet's digestive tract. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that are found in various foods and Supplement. Because of the synergistic way in which they work together, it is highly recommended to feed Daily Enzymes with Prebiotics along with IntelliFlora, which is an effective daily probiotic for both cats and dogs.

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