PSCPets Coprophagia Deterrent 60 Tablets for Dogs


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Bad habits can be hard for any dog-loving pet parent and a dogs attraction to eating feces is no different. Formally known as "coprophagia", or "poop eating" as some people like to refer to it, this is a behavior that can be very frustrating for those with dogs.
PSCPets Coprophagia Deterrent Tablets for Dogs is a product that has been formulated by veterinarians and dog lovers, which is designed to solve the dog's attraction to coprophagia at it's roots. When the dog who's stool is being eaten is fed the tablets according to the "feeding recommendations", the dog that has been eating the stool will no longer be attracted to the feces.
PSCPets Coprophagia Deterrent Tablets for Dogs come in a highly palatable, chewable tablet, which is specially formulated to discourage stool eating by making the stool undesirable.

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