Niacin Bolus

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Niacin Bolus is a nutritional supplement that provides Nicotinic Acid for high producing dairy cows. Nicotinic Acid is highly necessary for milk production. It has been observed that cows receiving Nicotinic Acid have greater milk production compared to others.

Nicotinic acid, more commonly known as niacin, has been shown to reduce ketosis and increase milk protein percent in some experiments but not in others. It has been shown to increase a protozoan species, namely Entodinia in the rumen that engulfs starch, potentially helping to protect the cow from acidosis. If the rumen pH is normalized due to the presence of more entodinia then more bacteria would be able to grow there. Rumen bacteria are the best source of protein for the cow. Another function of nicotinic acid or niacin in mammals is that it increases blood flow and potentially helps alleviate heat stress during the summer.


  • Provides nicotinic acid for high-producing dairy cows during freshening
  • An ideal supplement to promote milk production
  • Supports improved milk quality and helps to manage ketosis in transition cows through reduced fat mobilization
  • Ideal for dairy cattle

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