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For Routine Use Use New-Hoof™ Concentrate in foot bath as part of your routine program. Prepare the foot bath using one quart of New-Hoof™ Concentrate per 50 gallons of water (1:200 dilution). Change the foot bath every other day or every 500 head. It is recommended to use New-Hoof™ in rotation with other foot bath additives. For larger operations, prepare a mixture using one part New-Hoof™ Concentrate and two parts water. Clean the hooves well and spray New-Hoof™ thoroughly. Continue to spray after every milking, as needed. Suggested Use New-Hoof™ is a carefully formulated foot bath additive that helps maintain normal hooves, when used in combination with proper nutrition and good herd management practices. New-Hoof™ contains ionized copper along with surfactants. Disposal New-Hoof™ is environmen-tally friendly. After use, New-Hoof™ may be disposed of in the manure lagoon without detrimental effects on the natural digestion process. As with any product, follow local guidelines for soil or foliar application. Ingredients Ionized Copper (Cu), min 0.67% Non-Ionized Surfactants , min 7.00% Inert Ingredients 92.33%

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