Horses Prefer Farriers Hoof

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Horses Prefer Farriers Hoof is an easy-to-use spray used to maintain the condition of your horse's hoof maintenance. This all-natural works to protect hooves from physical damage for situations where hoof injury is more likely, such as during damp weather or while suffering a bacterial or fungal infection. The spray is non-irritating and even features a delightful citrus fragrance.

This Farriers Hoof prevents bacterial and fungal infections in the hoof. It contains ionized copper and zinc for maximum efficiency, which is a must-have for trainers, owners, and anyone who wants to put their horse's best foot forward.


  • Comes with 32 ounces of the spray and a nozzle for easy application
  • Non-irritating spray with a delightful citrus fragrance
  • Can be used as therapy for thrush and white line disease
  • Safe for all classes of horses

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