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Goats Prefer Keto Nia Drench


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Goats Prefer⢠Nutritional Drenches provide essential nutrients during the time period when such nutrients asCalcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Niacin and energy levels are deficient. Goats Prefer⢠Nutritional Drenches are most beneficial when used before, during and after kidding, since this is the time when most metabolic disorders occur. Use in a prevention program or as a followup to treatment. At kidding time, great demands are placed on the goatâs body with the stress of kidding and milk production. Goats Prefer⢠Nutritional Drenches get her lactation started off in the right direction. Features⢠A form that is available for rapid absorption into the digestivesystem.⢠Stay in suspension for easy and effective administration.Benefits⢠All natural.⢠No milk withhold or slaughter withdrawal. Use on every goat before and after kidding. Keto-Nia Drench provides Propylene Glycol, Niacin and other B complex vitamins to maintain normal energy and vitamin levels following kidding.

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