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Gardstar Garden & Poultry Dust 2Lb


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GardStar® Garden & Poultry Dust contains is a multi-purpose insecticide for outdoor recreational use. It is a broad spectrum and ready-to-use on vegetable and ornamental plants, poultry, swine and pets. Delivers effective long lasting control of aphids, beetles (including Japanese beetles and Colorado potato beetles), caterpillars (including cutworms, armyworms, corn earworms and hornworms) and plant bugs on a variety of vegetable and ornamental plants.Kills northern fowl mites, poultry mites and lice on poultry and in poultry houses.Kills lice on swine and in their bedding.Control fleas, ticks and lice on dogs and in dog houses and kennels.Kills ants (including carpenter ants) around your home.

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