Dental Sticks with Omegas

SKU 99-190

Dental Sticks for dogs help to support teeth, gums, and the immune system. A good oral health and skin coat is what your dog needs utmost. To maintain a dog’s skin coat and dental health, these dental sticks are the best for your furry friend. It comes with omega 3 fatty acids in a tasty dental stick for healthy teeth and gums. Omega-3 is one of the single most potent supplements you can add to your dog’s diet. Countless studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids have wide-ranging positive effects on the health of dogs. Amongst others, omega-3 fatty acids can contribute to the brain development of puppies, strengthen the immune system of dogs, reduce inflammation, increase the ability to fight cancer, and benefit heart health.

These dental sticks are powered with CurCos-Zn, which is a novel complex compound made from Curcuminoid and Zinc. Curcuminoids are a family of active compounds within turmeric. This patent-pending formula has more powerful as it reduces issues of solubility, stability, and bioavailability. Besides all, the Novel Chelated Molecule patent-pending metallo-complex antioxidant has been designed to reduce oxidative stress. 


  • Helps to prevent plague in teeth and tartar build-up
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Recommended for medium and large dogs
Helps to reduce bad breath

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