CMPK Bolus 50 Ct

SKU 50-720

CMPK Bolus 50 Ct is a natural source of Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Vitamin D3 Supplement for use before and after freshening and postpartum periods in cattle. This drench helps to maintain normal levels of these nutrients and is also suggested for sheep and goats.

This supplement provides minerals and helps to reduce the incidence of milk fever, displaced abomasum, and retained placenta. Its added vitamin D3 assists in the absorption of calcium. CMPK Bolus 50 Ct is a readily available source of vital minerals to help replenish blood calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium levels when hypocalcaemia occurs. Milk fever, also known as hypocalcemia, or parturient paresis, is a setback condition for modern dairy cattle. It is one of the most common bovine metabolic disorders resulting from calcium deficiency. Hypocalcaemia affects all cows in the herd approaching calving or just after calving to some degree even though it is not noticed. Calcium, in addition to being a major component of bone, is also needed to induce contraction of both skeletal and smooth muscles. A shortage of calcium can result in tremors, cows are found in a ‘sitting’ stance, eventual collapse, and potentially death


  • Can be used as a follow-up to intravenous calcium therapy
  • May be given as a daily mineral supplement
  • Durable and non-capping boluses with optimal dissolvability
  • Ideal for cattle, horses, sheep, and goats

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