Horses Prefer Bio-Hoof 5 lbs

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Horses Prefer Bio-Hoof contains elevated levels of biotin, essential amino acids, and zinc which is required by horses for the maintenance of good hoof structure and normal coat heath. It also includes vitamins and antioxidants to provide additional nutrition which is beneficial to reduce free radical damage.

With the elevated levels of biotin, it helps to improve hoof quality and is also used as a treatment for dry, cracked hooves. It contains B Vitamins which helps in maintaining good growth of the hoof horn. It also acts as a co-factor in many of your horse's enzymatic reactions, essential for the production of fatty acids, glycogen, and proteins Horses Prefer Bio-Hoof contains antioxidants, which prevents the oxidative damage to your horse's body.


  • Safe for all classes of horses
  • Contains Zinc proteinate which is important for the proper maintenance of skin and hair
  • Available in apple flavor and fortified with amino acids
  • Store in a cool and dry place

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