ArthAway Powder For Dogs - 16OZ - Each

by AHI
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ArthAway Powder, 16 oz The ultimate joint and connective tissue supplement for pets suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia and stiff joints. 100% natural combination of Glucosamine (known for its ability to relieve pain and heal tissue), plus Chondroitin (known to promote the repair of damaged cartilage). Also contains the beneficial joint nutrients: Creatine, Yucca, Vitamins E and C, MSM, Hesperidin , proteins, amino acids and minerals. Mix with food: 1/2 tsp per 25 lbs body weight, twice daily for 14 days. Then 1/2 tsp per 25 lbs body weight once daily as a maintenance dose. 10 oz = 120 day supply for 25 lb dog.ArthAway Powder, 16 oz

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