Ai Buddy Complete With Rod For Bag


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The A.I. Buddy came to mind in the early nineties when we switched our herd over to artificial insemination. After a week, I realized how much more time it was taking to breed sows, especially after a long day in the fields. I knew that if I was going to continue to use artificial insemination, there was going to have to be a better and faster way. The idea came to me when I was watching my daughter fix her hair one morning. She was using this spring like C band to hold her hair back. It stretched out and came back and fit tight on her head. Seeing this was all it took to come up with the idea to make a product that would allow me to breed multiple animals all at once while eliminating the long hours it took to A.I. This concept is so much better than putting my 4 year old son on the sow’s back to hold the semen bottle while I bred another one. I referred to my 4 year old as my little A.I. Buddy, thus the name was born. The A.I. Buddy started selling itself once my vet ask me to build some for other clients of his and now you can find them world wide.There are a lot of knock off’s of the A.I. buddy on the market today, so make sure they have the A.I. Buddy wording on them to guarantee they are the original Buddy.

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