FAQs & Help

  1. How can Probiotic supplements help my dog?

    Probiotics are good bacteria that help support digestive health of animals, especially when their digestion gets affected by stress.

  2. How can I know what kind of toy is suitable for my dog?

    At Animal Health Warehouse, we offer toys based on chew-o-meter. So you can choose toys for your dog ranging from gentle to aggressive.

  3. An item was missing from my order. How can I get exchanged?

    We sincerely apologize for the damaged or missing product. All we would need for you to do is to contact the customer support and address your concern. Our customer service agent will be in touch within 24-48 hours and will then process an your missing order for you.

  4. My cat often has digestive upsets during trips. What can I do?

    Pets can have digestive upsets from travelling stress. We offer a range of probiotics that are helpful in supporting gut health of pets.