Replamin Pull-Thru Drench - 10 oz

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Replamin® PULL THRU® Drench is a highly bioavailable source of essential minerals for cattle that fulfills nutritional needs regularly unmet by common feedstuffs. Benefits⢠Rapid absorption of trace minerals for improved: Dry matter intake, Immune function, Fetal development, Reproductive function, Body condition, Mastitis control and lower somatic cell counts⢠Increased animal health and performance⢠Decreased carcass loss due to injection site residues or damageFeatures⢠MAAC®, a patented form of chelated minerals*⢠Selenium, Cobalt, and Vitamin E⢠Oral administrationSuggested Use⢠At times of processing such as receiveing, vaccination, treatment for sickness, etc.⢠Stress Periods such as branding and weaning⢠Newborn animals⢠Prior to and after transporting animals⢠Receiving of background or feeder animals⢠During heat or cold stress⢠Before and after freshening

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