Calcium Drench

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Calcium Drench is a liquid oral supplement designed to provide Calcium, B Vitamins, and Propylene Glycol to help maintain normal mineral and vitamin levels at freshening. This calcium drench is a safe follow-up to conventional IV treatment for hypocalcemia and helps to maintain normal mineral and energy balance at freshening.

Can be also used as a nutritional supplement along with specific therapy, such as for post-partum complications, milk fever, displaced abomasum, and retained placenta. This calcium drench provides calcium, propylene glycol, and vitamin B complex which helps to maintain normal calcium, energy, and appetite.


  • Ready-to-use oral nutritional supplement
  • Ideal for cattle, sheep and goats
  • Contains 19 feedings for cattle (200mL) or 128 feedings for sheep and goats (1 oz)
  • Helps to maintain normal mineral and vitamin levels around freshening

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