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What do I need in my puppy starter kit?

August 16, 2017 0 Comments

What do I need in my puppy starter kit?

Thinking of adopting a pup? Make sure these essential items are in your puppy starter kit! Especially for first time pet-parents.

Puppy Starter Kit

  • Dog Food

              Consult a veterinarian on the brand and type of dog food that works best with the breed of dog you have.

  • ID Tags

              No one wants to think their pup could go missing however, it is important you get ID tags for your pup in case it were to happen.

  • Collar/Leash

              If you intend to take your pup on walks (as all pet-parents should, they need exercise just as humans do!) you’ll need a collar and a leash.

  • Food/Water bowls

              The most obvious essential items can be ignored or forgotten. Making sure your pup has their own food and water bowls is a must in the puppy kit!

  • Toys/Chews

              Puppies love to chew on everything. Make sure to consult your vet on what kinds of toys/chews would be best for your breed of puppy.

  • Shampoo, brush/comb

Puppies have sensitive skin, talk to your vet about a shampoo that’s pH balanced just for him and while you ask that question follow up with the type of brush or comb your type of pup should have as well. There’s different combs and brushes for different types of fur.

  • Puppy Crate

              Your puppy needs to feel like an accepted member of the family and having his own house will help him to feel secure and comfortable. Choose a quiet spot in your home where your pup can sleep without being disturbed whenever he gets sleepy.

These items are the most important to have in your puppy starter kit. These will definitely help first time pet-parents and ensure a comfortable transition for your new puppy!

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