What do I need in my kitten starter kit?

What do I need in my kitten starter kit?

If you are looking into adopting a kitten into your family, there are a few necessities your new furry family member will need. The list below shows all the things you will need to ensure a safe and happy transition for you and your pet.

Kitten Starter Kit:

  • Scratch Posts and Toys

              Cats are very smart animals however, as part of their animal instinct they need to claw and scratch on things. In hopes of keeping your upholstery from turning to rags, investing in a scratch post and toys that go along with them is a great way to ensure your kitten gets what they need without ruining your couch!

  • Safety First!

              Cats also love to climb on things. Whether that’s to find a new spot to lounge or just to stretch their legs, cats are bound to climb where they may not suppose to. In order to ensure safety and prevent your favorite vase from shattering all over the floor, go around your house and make sure wobbly things are put away or firmly fastened in its place.

  • Food!

              You like to eat right? Well so does your cat! Look for a formula that is made for your kittens age and energy level. Talk to your veterinarian on a proper cat food for your breed of kitten.

  •  Lounge Spots

              Did you know that cats sleep 16-18 hours a day?! If you want to make sure your cat sleeps in certain areas contemplate purchasing multiple cat beds for your kitty to lounge in and put them in the areas you would like your cat to sleep.

  • Litter Boxes

              Don’t forget! Litter boxes are important. Make sure you have a litter box waiting for your cat when you bring them home and put the litter box in a safe area of your house.

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