Spooky Prowls, Nervous Howls Halloween’s Around

Spooky Prowls, Nervous Howls Halloween’s Around

Tempting Candies, Creepy Costumes, Carved Jack-o-Lanterns and Spooky Decorations usher in the Halloween Spirit. Most of us embrace this holiday, its frights and the treats with immense enthusiasm and have a ghostly good time. But the same can’t be assumed about our pets. Some pets love the hustle and bustle of Halloween, while others will find this spooky holiday a bit stressful. In fact, this spooktacular night could even make it tricky to keep your pets safe and free of stress.

Delicious Feasts, Dangerous Treats  

Halloween is a time for celebration, excitement and umpteen kinds of treats. Children love to go trick or treating and often share their acquired treasures with their pets. Although appetizing and delicious, the treats can often be hazardous to the pet’s health. It, therefore, is best to keep those candies stashed away in a safe place. Sometimes, a few pets might get attracted to the fascinating glow sticks that contain toxic liquid and that may prove dangerous to their health. Popular Halloween plants such as pumpkins and decorative corn are generally considered relatively nontoxic. In fact, Pumpkins, as such, are good for health but sometimes they may cause digestive upsets in pets who try feeding on them; especially, the rotting pumpkins that may harbor bad bacteria. To keep yourself sorted beforehand, you could take a look at the range of supplements that contain good bacteria and help improve digestive health of your pets. Afterall, good bacteria have great benefits.

(If you suspect that your pet has consumed something that’s dangerous for them, call your Veterinarian immediately for assistance.)

Festive Decorations, Playful Occasions

Pets can easily knock over a lit pumpkin and the next thing you know-- everyone frantically pacing around to manage things. For that matter, curious kittens might find the decorative candles a great toy to play with, all to end up being burned or singed by candle flame. Or they might even find those fake spiders or carved out pumpkins posing a serious threat and decide to destroy them. Sometimes, the stress arising from changes in your home may make your pet nervous or frightened. Your costume clad canine might even try to run away from the activity around it. So, it is usually best to secure your pets in separate, quiet rooms, away from the Halloween festivities. Keeping some treats and toys to keep your pets’ company can be a great idea too. Let your furry friend too have a great Halloween!

Uneasy Prowls, Stressful Howls

The continuous knocking on the door by Trick-or-Treaters can be highly stressful for the pets at home. Dogs or Cats that aren’t social enough, may often become hyperactive or nervous and end up darting outside the house or continuously barking out of nervousness. Pet Parents also need to be careful about the costumes they adorn or the ones that they put their pets in. For some pets, wearing a costume may cause undue stress. Don’t put your dog or cat in a costume unless you are sure that the costumes won’t bother them, are comfortable and safe. A tucked tail or folded down ears are signs that your pet is uncomfortable. Also, make sure that your pet has a proper collar or ID tag on it that may act as a lifesaver, just in case they decide to take a walk away from the commotion. Calming Chews are a great formula to keep them calm and prevent stress issues.

Have a fun-filled and mischievous Halloween…

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