How to Prep Your Dog for the Cold

How to Prep Your Dog for the Cold

It’s Inevitable, Winter is Coming:

How to Prep Your Dog for the Cold

Just like humans, dogs react differently to cold. Below are helpful tips to acclimate your dog to the effects of the brisk winter months.

Allow your dog to adapt to the cold in small amounts. Bring them outside in short time periods. Start with a longer time in the beginning, playing outside in the fall weather will give them a taste of the cold to come. When the cold finally rolls in and becomes below the forties, limit your dog’s outdoor time to under an hour. Try to bring them out into the cold weather for at least 30-45 minutes every day, this will help prompt their winter coat to grow thicker.

With the cold around, your dog will need to increase their calorie intake to account for the fuel they burn trying to stay warm.  However, if you plan on spending less time outdoors with your dog, this normally results in less physical activity. Take this into account when planning their diet. 

For grooming in the winter months, plan on maintaining your regular grooming schedule. Keep in mind the type of cut should be winter-appropriate. If you allow your dog to go un-groomed during the winter months, it can result in matted fur.  

To ensure your pet is comfortable during those chilly months provide them warm and comfortable bedding. Having a raised bed or cushion will allow the dog to not be directly on cold floors such as tile or concrete. 

These are all some helpful tips to make the chilly months a bit less chilly for your furry friend.

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