Easter time with your pets

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Easter time with your pets

Hippity- hoppity Spring has sprung and we have an extra bounce in our step! The sun is out and shining, the snow is melting, the birds are chirping, and Easter is just around the corner. As your making your Easter preparations with friends and family, do you include your pet in the festivities? We love to include our pets in all the holiday fun. Many of us even buy presents for our pets for Christmas, so of course it only makes sense to make them their own Easter basket and set up Easter egg hunts for them.


If you already do, or want to start including your pet in on the Easter celebrations, look no further. We have a handy guide right here for you with tips and ideas. If there are other ideas you’ve tried, or want to share adorable photos of your pet joining in on Easter festivities, please do share them with us!


When people think of Easter they frequently think of bunny ears, Easter egg hunts, Easter baskets, and chocolate shaped bunnies. While you can’t give your pet a chocolate bunny, you sure can incorporate all other aspects into your pets Easter fun! Plus, who doesn’t love adorable photos of pets in bunny ears.


Easter Egg hunts are a great activity that encourages enrichment for your pet. And, like with kids, can be done indoors or outdoors based on preference and can be easily switched if weather doesn’t cooperate.


To start with, you’ll want a bag of plastic colorful Easter eggs. For those with dogs that are active chewers and are concerned with small plastic eggs, try using a few Kongs (there are cat Kongs too). Fill the desired amount of eggs, or Kongs, with treats and hide! A helpful tip- write down how many were hidden and where, just in case not all are found you won’t have a surprise later.

For fillers we recommend:

  • Dogs-
    • Place 1 biscuit per egg (can rattle and toss for a pet that can’t smell it out but loves to fetch)
    • Place 1-2 soft treats per egg (the stronger smell of most soft treats help allow for great nose work for your dog)
    • Place a dollop of peanut butter in the large opening of the Kong. Your dog will have to work on each Kong to lick out all the peanut butter and are usually easy for dogs to smell out


  • Cats-
    • Place a small amount of catnip in each egg
    • Place 3-5 hard cat treats in each egg (can rattle and toss for a cat that can’t smell it out but loves to bat toys around and chase them)
    • Placing 2-3 soft treats in each egg to allow for a stronger smell which may be easier to seek out- can be used for batting practice
    • With Kongs, there are special cat friendly pastes to fill the large opening, such as tuna flavor


Maybe you only want to create an Easter basket for your pet, or maybe the basket is the Grand Finale to the Easter festivities.  Try some of these ideas for a basket and for fillings.

  • Don’t know what to do with a basket after Easter? Try getting your pet a new dish instead and filling that with Easter goodies.
  • Avoid adding the decorative grass, as many pets see this as a fun toy or treat and may try to eat it, which isn’t good or safe.
  • A new collar and/or leash
  • A new ID tag- sometimes these get worn from daily rubbing on their collars
  • Bubbles- these aren’t entertaining just for kids! Pets love them and there are even catnip bubbles for those felines in your home
  • A new plush toy
  • A new bone or dental treat
  • Normally feed your pet dry food? Or use the same kind of canned food daily? Get a new, super tasty can of food. Some brands may even have an Easter specific flavor!
  • Homemade baked goodies- for this we love Pinterest! There are so many great recipes for dog and cat safe cookies and cupcakes. These are a great substitute for that chocolate Easter bunny! Try a large cookie with pet safe yogurt frosting. They look so good, even we want to eat them.


If you plan on including your pet(s) in on the Easter festivities, snap a few pictures and share them with us! We love to see you and your pet(s) bonding and enjoying life. Have any ideas you’ve tried yourself and want to share them with others? Comment on Facebook, we’d love to hear from you!


No matter your Holiday plans, we wish you a safe and “hoppy” Easter!

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