Foods to Steer Clear of When It Comes to Your Furry Friends.

A scrap of leftover meatloaf here, a scrap of cheese there. These may seem like nice, harmless displays of affection towards your furry friend when in fact it can be quite harmful to your pet. Their digestive systems are sensitive and giving your pet “people food” can be risky. Food products like chocolate, citrus and even macadamia nuts can be harmful to your pet. Chocolate can induce abnormal heart rhythm, tremors and even seizures. Citrus contain various amounts of citric acid, which can cause irritation and even depression. Lastly, macadamia nuts can cause weakness, vomiting and even tremors in dogs. The amount of oils and fats in most nuts can cause indigestion and irritation. A few other foods for your pet to steer clear of include onions, grapes, raisins, and milk. For a full list and their descriptions, the Animal Poison Control website is a great reference.

If you do find that your furry friend has ingested something they shouldn’t have, contact Animal Poison Control or your Veterinarian right away.

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